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Top 5 places to eat out in Rotorua

Lovely India Restaurant in Rotorua
Lovely India Restaurant in Rotorua

We know that when people come to stay in Rotorua they love to eat out – there are so many great places in the city to grab a bite to eat that it can be difficult to know where to go. That’s why we asked all our staff at the Lake Rotorua Hotel and Four Canoes for their top tips for their favourite places to eat out in Rotorua and this is the top five for you to check out the next time you’re in town.

1.      Mac’s Food and Wine

Rotorua’s food scene really kicked off with the introduction of ‘Eat Street’ – a pedestrianised strip in the middle of the city where you will find a number of the most popular restaurants and Mac’s Food and Wine is one of them. This place has recently been taken over and the new owners are committed to the same goals – delivering top quality New Zealand lamb and beef as well as a range of other dishes. Although this place was originally set up as a steakhouse, it has developed into something more sophisticated but kept its focus on using the best ingredients. Always popular with staff and guests.

To find out more and check out their menu, take a look on the Mac’s Food and Wine website.

2.      Amazing Thai

Amazing Thai Restaurant in Rotorua
Amazing Thai Restaurant in Rotorua

If you love your Asian food, then Amazing Thai is a great spot to grab some tasty Thai food at great prices.  They have a wide and varied menu serving up a host of traditional meat and fish dishes as well as catering extremely well for vegetarians. Thai is always a great option for large groups with different tastes and is always good value.

To find out more and check out their menu, take a look on the Amazing Thai website.

3.      Stratosfare

Stratosfare Restaurant in Rotorua
Stratosfare Restaurant in Rotorua

This place is as much about the venue as the food although both are superb. Located at the top of the Skyline in Rotorua, Stratosfare Rotorua Restaurant offers up the best views, the best steak and the best buffet in Rotorua according to our staff members. As well as a great buffet, they also have great cook to order dishes and try to use locally sourced produce wherever possible. They often have lunch and dinner specials on so make a day of it and enjoy a trip up the Skyline with a great meal to finish things off.

To find out more and check out their menu, take a look on the Stratosfare website.

4.      CBK (Craft Bar and Kitchen)

CBK Restaurant in Rotorua
CBK Restaurant in Rotorua

A definite staff favourite and another restaurant located on Eat Street, Craft Bar and Kitchen (CBK) was set up in 2014 with a desire to bring the good old fashioned values of dining and entertainment to Rotorua. The food is contemporary and comforting with a mix of trendy dishes and old pub classics along with daily blackboard specials. They also have an extensive craft beer menu and a good wine selection making this a great place for food or drink.

To find out more and check out their menu, take a look on the CBK website.

5.      Lovely India

A good Indian can be hard to come by in New Zealand, however Rotorua has got itself a great one in Lovely India. Popular with tourists and locals alike, this authentic tandoori restaurant is in the very heart of the CBD and has been recommended in the Lonely Planet and Rough Guide. The food is always tip top and the service extremely friendly and this is a very authentic Indian experience which should not be missed the next time you are in the city.

To find out more and check out their menu, take a look on the Lovely India website.

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