Lux Light Festival

5 ideas for Mother’s Day in New Zealand

That’s right everyone – Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday 14 May so we hope this post isn’t the first time you’re starting to think about what to do! Just in case it is, we’ve pulled together a list of things you can do with your Mum this Mother’s Day in locations around New Zealand. At the very least make sure you send a card and pick up the phone! We know not everyone can be with their Mums on Mother’s Day so if you can, make sure you spend some quality time together and maybe try one of the activities below:

1.      Do some stargazing

Stardome Auckland

If you’re up in Auckland for Mother’s Day, why not take your Mum along to the Stardome for a spot of stargazing. This is an awesome place to visit any time of the year but these guys know how important Mother’s Day is so all Mums get in for FREE. We love that for an idea!

2.      Get active

Jennian Homes Mother's Day Fun Run

The Jennian Homes Mother’s Day Fun Run/Walk is the perfect opportunity for you to get out and get active with your Mum. Held up and down the country, the race was set up to raise awareness of heart disease amongst women in New Zealand. Every year over 3,000 women in New Zealand die from heart disease. This run is a great way of raising awareness and money towards a great fund. Find your nearest run here:

3.      Go to a market

Sundays in New Zealand are always packed full of markets. Whether it’s your local market or you have to go somewhere a bit further afield, hanging out with your Mum at the market is a great way of spending some quality time together. You might also be able to pick her a little something up from a local craft stall if something catches her eye.

4.      Explore a regional park

Let’s face it – most of us don’t get out and explore what’s on our own doorstep enough. Why not make Mother’s Day an excuse to visit that regional park you have been talking about visiting for ages. Discovering new things with your Mum is always pretty cool and you can grab some nice photos from your day together.

5.      Go to a show or festival

Lux Light Festival

Credit: Gurtej Singh Flickr

OK, so we’re not necessarily talking about a big Broadway production. There’s heaps of things going on across New Zealand on Mother’s Day weekend from the NZ International Comedy Festival in Auckland to the Lux Light Festival in Wellington. There’s so much going on that weekend that picking something new and fun to do with your Mum should be a piece of cake!

So there you go – some quick ideas for things to do with your Mum this Mother’s Day. Now, make sure you get that card picked up and your plans in place before Sunday 14th May!