Protecting our precious environment is of high importance to our organisation. We recognise that care and attention is needed to help enhance the long term wellbeing of our environment, industry, country and the world.

To date our commitment has been through the following initiatives:

  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment that supports individual development for every staff member.
  • Requesting all hotel guests to reuse towels and separate rubbish in their rooms into recyclable and non-recyclable e-bins.
  • Using energy saver lighting and low energy heat pumps in most rooms.
  • Using hand-held fire extinguishers which do not contain CFC.
  • Training all employees on energy saving initiatives.
  • Recycling paper, bottles and plastics and encouraging the use of keep cups.
  • Choosing amenities that are environmentally-sustainable.
  • Continually evaluating our supplier products and practices.
  • Participating in local environmental projects.