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Fable Hotels & Resorts launches the new benchmark in luxury boutique hotels

Travel is a deeply personal experience that is made memorable in so many different ways. Offering a twist on luxury boutique hotels, brand new Fable Hotels & Resorts has been created with this in mind.

CPG Hotels is one of New Zealand’s largest privately-owned and operated hotel groups and is on the cusp of opening the first in a collection of stunning boutique hotels across New Zealand. Their itinerary is ambitious, with six further existing properties being refurbished, and set to re-emerge under the Fable masthead within two years, from Auckland, to Picton, to Dunedin.

We named Fable in honour of travel, and the tales we tell of our favourite experiences. Every detail of service and style is designed to make a stay with us an experience guests remember forever–a fable they long to share.

Each with its own story to tell and experience to offer, Fable’s tailor-made selection of properties will all deliver 5-star full-service luxury, imbued with local touches and artful details that set them apart.

New Zealand’s leading interior architecture studios have collaborated with CPG Hotels to bring unique interiors to life in each property. Considered art, locally sourced sustainable amenities and thoughtful touches down to the smallest detail
all pay tribute to quality, local history and the context of place. One of the first Fable Hotels to open its doors will be Fable Dunedin – where specially commissioned tartan blankets in every suite pay homage to the Scottish ties of the region.

Food too, will play a central role in Fable’s story. Award-winning Group Executive Chef Jinu Abraham spinning culinary wonders built around a focus on local inspiration, whole foods, and sustainable produce grown and raised locally in each hotel’s region.

Fable aspires to balance the careful consistency that one expects from an international-standard boutique hotel, with those bespoke, uncommon twists that elevate a guests’ experience into something rare and memorable.

“In Fable, we are creating something really special,” says CPG Hotels Director of Sales & Marketing Lisa Breckon. “For our customers, one size most definitely does not fit all, so we also want to create space within Fable’s offering to cater to different people wanting differently balanced experiences
as guests.”

And here is the twist to the new brand’s launch. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Fable will concurrently launch two sub-brands within its stable alongside the core offering, to meet different parts of the market.

The first of these, Curated by Fable will offer a collection of small-scale properties for those who wish to immerse in a truly personalised, attentively hosted high end experience. The first of these will be Hotel Fitzroy in Auckland hotspot Ponsonby-Grey Lynn, set to open on the 31 August 2020.

On the other hand, STAY by Fable will offer an edited take on luxury, for guests who like a little more modern independence and a digital service bent.

“Fable is not just a hotel brand, it’s a passion for excellence and a thirst to seek out the interesting. We aim to bring that attitude through in STAY and Curated properties as well,” says Lisa.

Fable seeks to turn a hotel stay into an experience remembered forever.
From careful thought to the history of each property’s location, architecture
and local stories, to contemporary standards of service, sustainability and technology, at Fable every aspect of a guest’s stay is considered.

The Fable commitment

“For those tired of the mundane and longing for something more than just a place to stay, we offer a kindred spirit at Fable.

Every experience curated, every touchpoint an impression, every communication a conversation. Feel Inspired when it comes to the possibilities of world-class hospitality.

We guide our guests on their journeys, with a subtle nudge in the right direction or a quiet inside word, sharing our inherent knowledge, encouraging memorable experiences.

Everyone’s story is different. Let us find yours
at Fable.”

Fable in summary

At Fable, we seek to turn a hotel stay into an experience our guests will remember forever. We celebrate the unique, the interesting and the local. At every Fable hotel, we take care to balance the common consistency that one expects from an international-standard boutique hotel, with those elements of individualisation, those uncommon twists, that elevate a guests’ experience into something special. From careful thought to the history of each property’s location, architecture and local stories, to contemporary standards of service and sustainability, at Fable every aspect of a guest’s stay is considered.

STAY by Fable in summary

Retaining Fable’s underlying service attitude, exceptional finishes and interesting interiors, STAY takes a self-directed approach, with an edited take on luxury accommodation. Guests at Stay enjoy the premium comforts and style of Fable, but in a more urban, youthful and independent setting. Digital self-check-in and a low-touch, technology-based service approach allow guests to ‘stay their way’.

Curated by Fable in summary

An exclusive take on boutique hotels, curated by Fable properties bring the best of Fable’s luxury promise, to a highly individualised experience where personal touches abound. The smallest and most intimate of Fable’s hotels, each curated property offers a unique boutique hotel environment, where hosts get to know each guest, and tailor their experience into an unforgettable and intimately localised journey. It’s all in the details, with hosted moments giving guests a chance to be social as much
or as little as they please.

Hotel Fitzroy curated by Fable

43 Richmond Rd, Ponsonby, Auckland

Behind the facade of the handsome two-storey villa is a modernist’s dream. Each of the 10 guest rooms both inside the historic villa and contemporary black-panelled building standing proudly alongside, are outfitted with luxurious grey walls and dark joinery. There is a library for guests to relax, read the paper or enjoy a nightcap.

Fable Dunedin 

310 Princes St, Dunedin

Described as a grand old dame with quirks and personality, the Victorian-era four-storey hotel has been transformed into a modern, boutique five-star hotel offering full-service luxury. The building is the oldest hotel in Dunedin, built in 1862 and was known as Wains Hotel for much of its life. There are 50 guest rooms that combine modern luxury and beautifully preserved heritage features. There is also a full dining experience to be enjoyed in The Press Club. The restaurant is named in honour of the first Press Club established in a suite of Wains Hotel in the 1870s by Thomas Bracken.

About CPG

CPG Hotels is one of New Zealand’s largest privately-owned hotel groups with 15 properties in some of the country’s top tourist hot spots including Auckland, Rotorua, Wellington, Picton and Dunedin. Properties currently in the group include two five-star boutique hotels and a range of three and four-star hotels. CPG Hotels has strong commitments to both sustainability, with recycling and environmentally friendly policies at its properties, and a strong social responsibility.


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