Explore Culinary Delights at CPG Hotels: Discover Isobels and The Chartroom

Isobels Restaurant at Hanmer Springs Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Hanmer Springs, surrounded by luscious gardens and tall canopies, lies Isobels, the in-house restaurant and bar at the Hanmer Springs Hotel. Isobels offers an exquisite taste of Italy with a delightful local twist, making it a perfect dining destination whether you’re looking to dine alfresco on the patio as the sun sets or cozy up inside beside a roaring fire.

A Taste of Italy with a Local Influence

At Isobels, our menu is crafted to delight your palate with a blend of traditional Italian dishes and local flavours. Our offerings include freshly baked bread with garlic butter, traditional Italian antipasto, and a variety of delectable main courses such as Cajun chicken salad, baked chicken breast, and grilled Aoraki salmon. We also feature succulent meats like lamb loin, ribeye steak, and slow-roasted pork belly porchetta, along with classic Italian pizzas like Margherita and Salsiccia. Each dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

The Perfect Retreat

The Hanmer Springs Hotel is more than just a place to stay; it’s a serene retreat where you can unwind and enjoy the best of Hanmer Springs. Located near shops, restaurants, and local attractions, everything you need is just a short stroll away. Isobels adds to this charm with its beautiful dining setting and mouthwatering cuisine, making it an essential part of your stay.

The Chartroom at Picton Yacht Club Hotel

Overlooking the breathtaking vistas of the Marlborough Sounds, The Chartroom at Picton Yacht Club Hotel offers a dining experience like no other. With its focus on fresh, local fare, this restaurant is the perfect spot to savour the culinary delights of the region while enjoying stunning views.

Culinary Excellence with Local Flavors

The Chartroom’s menu is designed to highlight the best local ingredients, ensuring every dish is a feast for your senses. Diners can start their meal with delicious entrees like mussels garam masala, bruschetta, and grilled halloumi. For the main course, options include dishes such as chicken biryani, butter chicken, and the signature Chartroom ribeye. The restaurant also offers an array of side dishes, including house slaw and roasted potatoes, and desserts like truffles, affogato, and apple and wild berry tart.

A Picturesque Dining Experience

The Picton Yacht Club Hotel, with its relaxed and comfortable accommodation, is just a short stroll from the Waikawa Bay Marina and the picturesque Picton township. Whether you’re here for the views or the fresh local cuisine, The Chartroom offers a dining experience that complements the natural beauty of Marlborough Sounds.

Join Us for a Memorable Culinary Journey

Whether you find yourself at Isobels in Hanmer Springs or The Chartroom in Picton, you are guaranteed an exceptional dining experience at CPG Hotels. Our commitment to quality, fresh ingredients, and delightful settings ensures that every meal is a memorable occasion. Visit us and indulge in the best culinary delights New Zealand has to offer.