Photo of two people about to kiss with sunset and the ocean in the background.

The Most Beautiful Places in New Zealand to Pop the Question

You have finally decided to propose, but you need to find the perfect spot to make it memorable. Luckily, New Zealanders are spoilt for choice when it comes to spectacular locations of beauty. So, whether you are the type of couple that would enjoy a private nature setting or an adrenaline-fuelled location, we have a proposal spot that will suit everyone. Let’s count down some of the best places in New Zealand to pop the question.


The American news network CNN named the Otago Peninsula in Dunedin as one of the top 10 most romantic places in the world to propose marriage, and we must agree! The Otago Peninsula is home to some of New Zealand’s most incredible wildlife reserves with colonies of yellow-eyed penguins and blue penguins and breeding colonies of fur seals and royal albatross. If you time your proposal right, you can even propose near where the little penguins enter the ocean first thing in the morning.

This spot is for a couple that appreciates nature’s beauty and tranquillity, and it is the perfect location if you are looking for complete isolation and privacy for your special moment. That evening, once you are engaged (fingers-crossed), you can spend the evening at our Fable Hotel in Dunedin, enjoying our Fable Love Story package, which is expertly designed for an unforgettable evening of luxury and romance.


There is a reason that Queenstown is referred to as the adventure capital of New Zealand—you can do pretty much any activity here, and this includes proposing! If you are both adrenaline junkies who enjoy a bit of romance on the side, then Queenstown will provide everything you need for a perfect proposal location.

Take a helicopter flight high into the sky and enjoy the breath-taking mountainous scenery below before being dropped off on a secluded mountain with a bottle of bubbles to pop the question. There are plenty of proposal packages for romantic Queenstown locations, like a candle-lit hot tub experience at the Onsen Hot Pools, or a skydive proposal at NZONE. These packages are so discreet that your partner will not realise what is happening until you are in front of them, on one knee.

Waiheke Island

Anyone who has been to Waiheke Island can attest to its sublime beauty and innate romantic atmosphere. Take your partner on a whirlwind tour of the many wineries that the island boasts and finally pop the question among the vineyard’s olive groves, or take a 5-star dining cruise and get down on knee on one of Waiheke’s many stunning, sparkling beaches.

Once you have been adequately wined and dined on the island, take a 40-minute ferry back to Auckland City and stay the night at Hotel Fitzroy, often described as one of the best hotels in New Zealand.

Tongariro Crossing

This unique location is for Lord of The Rings fans and hikers alike. If you and your partner are into adventurous activities and love anything Lord of the Rings related, then the Tongariro Crossing is the perfect location for a marriage proposal. We recommend waiting to propose until the trail’s highest point, which looks out over the emerald green pools and spectacular volcanic rocks. Your partner will undoubtedly be blown away by the stunning scenery but hopefully not too speechless to accept your proposal.

Wellington City

If your partner has an affinity with nature, then proposing in Wellington’s beautiful Botanic Gardens will be the perfect location for you both. Take your love on a romantic stroll through the gardens and end your walk with a surprise proposal in the famous heritage Rose Garden or in the secluded Peace Flame Garden. There are so many gorgeous spaces to discover in Wellington’s Botanics, we promise you will not be disappointed. For that added element of romance, book a room in our Willis Wellington Hotel, and spend the evening relaxing in our elegant and luxurious couples’ accommodation.

CPG Hotels Can Help You Plan Your Special Day

At CPG Hotels, we understand the careful and strategic organisation that must take place before a romantic proposal. So if you are in the midst of your planning and need any assistance with accommodation, unique proposal ideas or information on our grand romance packages, feel free to reach out to us today—we would love to be a part of your special day.