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What’s in Store for CPG Hotels Post-Lockdown?

As we all navigate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and New Zealand hotels reopen amidst Level 2 restrictions, it’s important for us to stay transparent with our community about what our plans are, both for now, and for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately, because we have been working throughout all levels of the lockdown as an essential service providing self-isolation accommodation, we already have systems in place to continue offering our rooms.

Now that domestic travel is expected to increase again, nearly all our locations have reopened. You and your family can stay at any available CPG Hotels location and be assured that it is safe. To find out more about how we’ve achieved this, and how we aim to maintain this level of safety into Level 1, read on.

Staying updated on current information

Thus far, CPG Hotels has been keeping a close eye on both the broader COVID-19 situation as well as the information released by the New Zealand government. Adjusting our operational procedures in keeping with the restrictions as they change has been a core part of our system. Our success in ensuring that strict health and safety procedures have been implemented has allowed us to help those in need of self isolation accommodation over the last several weeks.

The most recent information from the Ministry of Health regarding Level 2 states that businesses and public spaces can open with distancing measures in place. Domestic travel is allowed, but there are regulations that must be followed and businesses must follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of both staff and customers. A trans-Tasman international travel agreement is also in the works.

We’re confident that we can keep providing a safe environment for both our guests and staff, as these new restrictions change the opportunities for travel and accommodation across the country.

Safety measures at all CPG Hotels

We currently follow the recommendations of not only the government and local New Zealand health organisations, but also international bodies, like the World Health Organisation. We have also adapted our cancellation policy to provide our guests with as much flexibility we can. For guests wishing to make new individual reservations after today, please refer to our updated cancellation policies at the time of booking. Our policies are on our website, but feel free to contact us for the most up to date information or for any enquiries, we are happy to help.

Our existing health and safety measures were designed to protect guests and staff from a wide range of viruses, and these were in place before the novel coronavirus became an international emergency. However, we have been sure to increase the frequency and tenacity of our cleaning and hygiene practices, especially in higher-traffic areas. We have also established hand sanitising stations at all counters, and our staff are able to access hospital grade disinfectant for managing high-touch surfaces.

Stay in touch for more news

All our short and long-term accommodation options across the country are New Zealand owned and operated, and we’re proud to be taking the safety of Kiwis seriously and give our guests the confidence and peace of mind to enjoy their stay at CPG Hotels. Follow us for updates on our services.